About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company


We are Madeline Design Team, gathering designed elite from all the world. In recent years, we actively study and research the leisure industry and a number of sports goods accessories. In the process, we discovered that there are many sports accessories in the market lack of protection and imperfect.

Therefore, we focus on the refinement and improvement of the sports accessories, committed to better functionality and comfort, also strengthen the consumer experience satisfaction. The brand "GODWIN" set up, focusing on the development of sports protection related products.


"GodWin" was originally the English name of Goodwin. In the meaning of "Friends of God" and "create a win-win situation". We hope that through better design makes sports go advanced, and making all athletes get a head start through our thoughtful techniques.

The main idea of Godwin is "both evolutionary and affordable”. We use the most scientific way to make the products value close to perfect, in the meantime, every consumer is able to afford to choose our products. We hope there are more sports lover doing sports using our ideal products with the high cost-performance ratio. In the product of high CP value to make more love sports people can be more healthy and no burden of exercise.